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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

the reading room today

You might recall that the last time I showed you the reading room we had just found a free antique pedestal table on the side of the road!  HERE.  As much as I loved that table- especially for its story;) I knew it was always a "filler" until the perfect table came along.  
It finally did!
I found this antique, circa mid 1800's, iron table with black marble top in Vermont.  
I adore the table and love that it is around the same circa as the house.  The room is small, so it makes the space seem much more open.

I left the iron base in its current state which is an off-white painted finish with iron rust coming through the paint in the form of spots/speckles.  I'm guessing it spent years in an old barn/shed being semi-exposed to elements.  

I'm going through a "keep it clean" look at present (the kitchen island has absolutely nothing on it, which is unusual for me;) so the table is topped with two antique green glazed Chinese parrots (they are unusually tall and only part of our collection), a piece of white coral, and a demi-john bottle with a hydrangea branch from the garden.

Walls are painted Ashwood OC-47 by Benjamin Moore. Trim is White Dove by Benjamin Moore.  (All my paint and stain colors can be found on my sidebar for future reference.)
Antique brass chandelier purchased 23 years ago in Houston for our first house in Eastmoreland in Portland, Oregon, it was also used for a while in our home in Dallas.
I recently changed out the regular bent-tip frosted light bulbs for these silicone-tipped bulbs HERE from Lumiere Candles.  These have a regular/standard-size base (as opposed to a chandelier-size base) and are 15 watts each.  I just love their bulbish/squatty shape!  They look perfect in the antique brass chandelier. 
Don't  forget that Lumiere Candles offers a 10% discount coupon code for my readers HERE. I love their: real wax sleeves, large diameter solid candle covers (which are so difficult to find),   their silicone-dipped bulbs, and their large translucent candle covers (which are impossible to find ;)  They also have resin candle sleeves and covers when for the times when you need a higher wattage bulb than what is allowable for the real wax sleeves.
(No, I am not being paid to endorse this company!  I simply love their beautiful products and the owners are super nice and they have wonderful customer service.)

I've removed some things from the top of the antique Italian case piece and illuminated the antique oil painting.
The simple French fauteuil chair was found in Marseille, France.  I had it covered in natural linen with a vintage alligator back.  A better photo of the back  HERE.

I moved several of the antique mirrors from a guest bedroom HERE to the reading room.  I love a good stack of antique mirrors!  The antique large gilded mirror in the back is French as is the Louis Philippe mirror in the center.  The small iron cushion mirror in front was found in France. Antique Chinese blue and white temple jar made into lamp and large aged brass ball sits on antique English chest.  Vintage mink muff turned pillow sits on a vintage Louis XV fauteuil (one of a pair.) 

"Mavis" is donning a vintage leopard collar around her waist for the cold winter months:)  You can read a story about her HERE.

On top of the stack of books sitting next to the Martha Washington chair is a book (National Gallery of Art, Washington) that we received as a wedding present 27 years ago from a friend (thank you Sue!)   I have always adored the painting on the cover.  

I like how in this photo you can see what the lamp shade looks like with the light on (front) and the pattern on the shade (in the back)  The story of the bookcase door HERE.  The bookcase is filled with antique books/reference books, small paintings, coral, antique iron urn, part of our collection of antique tortiseshell boxes and more of our collection of antique Chinese glazed terracotta green birds.

The south wall.

We found this antique oil painting in Marseille, France.  We named her Aunt Minerva.  She resonates with me. I love that she is reading a book in the reading room :)

An antique country English Chippendale chair with 18th antique vellum books and a bronze mold of a "nude."

The vintage painting on the east wall by artist Jerry Wilkerson.

Antique English oil painting entitled "Cottage in Devonshire" by listed artist James Poole in original frame. Circa 1850.

To see the reading room over the years and to read more about items in the room...
Note:  photographs taken for this post where taken in the early evening with lamps and lights on which casts a different light over the space than the daytime lighting in previous posts.

Monday, September 21, 2015

this year's terrace

Cooler fall temperatures have finally decided to grace us.  It has been a warm and humid summer and the central a.c. has been running constantly.  It is so nice to be able to have all the windows open and a bit of a chill in the air.  You have to look hard to see any leaves turning yet, but if you look closely they are there and fall is definitely on her way!

I wanted to show you the barn terrace this year.  It also helps me to document what I did (planting wise) from year to year.

Last year we added the outdoor wicker club chairs.  We loved them so much that this year we added matching ottomans which really kicked up the comfort level since we spend so much time here in the spring,  summer and fall.  The can see how the grey cabana stripe pillows  are a carry-through from the pillows in the summer barn room HERE

I used peach verbena in the stone wall iron discs, and mixed them in with other plantings throughout the terrace.  I love the color and that they bloom all summer.

Antique zinc dovecote and iron fence piece outside the south barn room french door.  Antique iron urns and white-pained concrete finials flank both french doors on either side of the fireplace chimney. 

This year I placed ferns in the two corner jardinieres.  I have loved them and will definitely do them again next year.  They were marked Kimberly Queens, but I believe they are actually Macho ferns, which were a favorite of ours when we lived in Dallas.

My photog assistants for this shoot :)  Magnolia (on the left) and Louise.  Ella had grown bored with the project and wanted to go inside!

Door to the kitchen mudroom.  Boxwoods are overwintered in the basement.

I was expecting the verbena to be more orangey, but love how the color ended up matching the antique oil pots.

View to the back meadow.
Rosemary was planted in the large white jardiniere. It's lovely to have the scent of the rosemary when sitting on the terrace.  Francee hostas in Italian terracotta pots.  I've had the black umbrella for a good 16/17 years now.  Small votive candle holders hang off cup hooks under the umbrella canopy.  Japanese fishing floats are scattered around the terrace pea gravel (small white ball is marble.)
All this picture needs is a cocktail and three puppies to truly tell the story of evenings on the terrace ;)
Hope you have had a wonderful summer and are ready for the arrival of fall.  It is, of course, the most beautiful season here- along with winter, spring and summer!!! :)
Happy fall ! 

To view posts of the summer terrace over the years click HERE

Monday, September 7, 2015

hello September and farewell to a wonderful summer...

Were did the summer go?!  It went by so fast and we didn't make a dent in our to-do list   Oh well, it's been a fun summer full of puppy love, so that's all that matters in the end.  Thank you all for your wonderful, sweet welcome to Magnolia and Louise!  All the sisters are doing wonderful and life with three dogs is busy, full of love and lots of laughs.

While I am definitely ready for some cooler temperatures (it has been a hot and humid summer and the a.c. has been running full time) I'm not ready to let summer go just yet.  I've loved the summer mantel in the living room and thought I would share it with you before fall really gets here and I change it for the new season.  I also wanted to post it so that I can remember it :) 
Hope you have had a wonderful holiday weekend! 

I had one, and found several more old coral fans early in the season and I love how airy and light they look on the mantel, not to mention their beautiful colors.  The antique French mirror is a constant and shares the mantel top with an orchid in an antique marble urn, a copper tray, antique leather books, vintage and antique Chinese import ginger jars (these were used to import ginger), an antique bronze (of a crane holding a snake in its mouth and standing on a turtle) and a pair of 17th century Italian candlesticks that we found at the Paris flea market.

The hand painted fireplace screen was one of the first antiques I bought some 28 years ago for our first apartment.  Leopard pillow made from a vintage muff.  Love the finish on the large seashell that sits on the 18th century vellum books.  Pair of chairs and table also found in France.

A larger view showing the antique herbariums that flank the mantel.

And, if you were curious as to what the other side of the room looked like when I was taking photographs, it looked like this!!  My photography assistants- Ella, Louise and Magnolia :)


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